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> Feedback and reviews, Honesty is tolerated
10.03.16 - 22:16
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Got anything to say about the game? Or about us? Any suggestions?
This is the right place for you then.
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11.08.19 - 4:21
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Отчаянный корсар

I suggest everyone: dont bother to play this underdeveloped game, where even in character description at start of the game, they couldnt decide wich article to use "a" or "the", so they combined them and made new one "Athe".
About gameplay: to unlock option for "wait" - you should take a quest? where you will be forced into staring in monitor for 20 minutes, cuz you can't "wait" and x6 time will come to save the die. The funny part that most ppl would not know about this "time speed" feature and will be forced to spend few hours... and the game on pause when you alt+tab. This game should really recieve steam Refund Award
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