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BlackMark Studio _ Sea Dogs: To Each His Own _ Feedback and reviews

Автор: Joruba 10.03.16 - 22:16


Got anything to say about the game? Or about us? Any suggestions?
This is the right place for you then.

Автор: Iltis2017 03.01.21 - 14:35

Hello, how are you?

I would like to do a translation of the game but I have all the files except the dialog that are normally in PROGRAM files. Can they be obtained to do a French translation?
Thank's for your answer


Автор: Captain Beltrop 03.01.21 - 17:21

Hi there! Thank you, we are doing well!
With the release of the patch, the scripts will be open, and you can change the game in your own way.
But please note that the game does not support some letters, French is no exception. For example, accent aigu, accent grave or cedille. When I wrote some dialogues in Spanish a couple of years ago, I had to replace some of the purely Spanish letters (which denote stress) with regular ones. The meaning remained the same, but the Spaniards would not have understood it. smile.gif
Everything is in your hands, monsieur! I hope that what I wrote above does not scare a real corsair?

Автор: ЗмеёнышЪ 03.01.21 - 18:06

Цитата(Iltis2017 @ 03.01.21 - 15:35) Переход к основному сообщению
Hello, how are you?

replied in a p/m

Автор: Iltis2017 04.01.21 - 11:59


Thank you for your reply. I'll wait. I'm looking forward to the new update. Thank you for your work.
ЗмеёнышЪ I saw your message and thank you for your reply.


Автор: Iltis2017 08.01.21 - 12:54

Hello how are you doing? Do you plan to make a discord server?

Автор: Captain Beltrop 08.01.21 - 13:58

Greetings, monsieur! No, we aren't planning to create a server in Discord. There is a forum, write here. smile.gif

Автор: Vitaly 18.11.21 - 2:47

Hi! Please do you have any update about Legendary Edition release date? I played 250 hours during 2 week after I read massage that original game released, but I stopped after I know that you going to release Legendary edition soon and it will include all DLC. I want to play all but cant wait long and may be I should buy all DLC now and not to wait Legendary Edition release. please advice if you have any updates or delays?

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